Turned Parts Tubular Parts

The scope of manufacturing at Frebel+Obstfeld ranges over a large product spectrum of precision metal parts. Rarely do other companies offer precision turned parts and tubular parts from a single source. Our national and international clientele appreciates the procurement of both product lines from one supplier. We manufacture and distribute worldwide approximately 150 million parts annually, typically to customer design.

Process Development

In working with our clients, we customize our process to achieve high quality standards, timely implementation, and cost-effective solutions. Our customers' needs are our main focus. To support our clients, we are flexible and versatile to meet the demands of the automotive industry for cost-efficient manufacturing concepts, as well as the innovation needs of our customers of the medical industry. We resolve unique client requirements with the highest quality, deadlines reliability and cost optimization. We support our customers by offering early engagement and consultation to offer our specific know-how in the planning process.

Raw Materials

Annually, Frebel+Obstfeld processes approximately 300 metric tons (660,000 pounds) of tubing and solid materials from various metals in the form of bars, tubes or coils. For example:

Brass • Machining Steel • Stainless Steel • Aluminum • Copper • Bronze

and their respective special alloys and many more. Detailed material data sheets are available at Downloads.