Business Objective + Company Philosophy

Frebel+Obstfeld strives for continual improvement of its product quality and customer satisfaction. The application of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology based on machinery of various concepts enables us to provide an exceptionally wide product range at internationally competitive pricing. Generally, our competitors are not able to offer this versatility of precision turned parts and precision tubular metal parts.

Our quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2008, serves as the foundation for this philosophy, which is diligently implemented and optimized by our management and employees. This implementation is carried out in accordance with the additional requirements of ISO TS 16949.

Our further ambition is to maintain and strengthen our standing as an A-supplier with our customers. In addition, Frebel+Obstfeld is focused on expanding its market share and to save it long-term, nationally and internationally.

Business Culture

With an open information policy and a high economic efficiency, we aim to secure the independence and consistency of our company in the interest of our customers and employees in the long run. Our ethical standards are based on authenticity, candidness, fairness, reliability and confidence in all matters.


We create a lean, powerful and versatile organization with manageable task areas, well-defined authorities and responsibilities. We aim our actions at the appointed objectives and evaluate the results with effective management tools. The continual improvement of the internal and external processes is also one of our primary goals.